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Health Tip: Is Worrying Out of Control?

(HealthDay News) -- Anxiety over health, money or family problems is common. But for a person with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), excessive worry may prevent a person from leading a normal life.

The National Institute of Mental Health says worrying may be out of control if you:

  • Worry intensely about everyday matters.

  • Have trouble controlling worries or feelings of nervousness.

  • Know that you worry more than you should.

  • Feel restless and have trouble relaxing.

  • Have difficulty concentrating.

  • Are easily startled.

  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

  • Feel tired all the time.

  • Sweat a lot, feel light-headed or out of breath.

If you think your worrying may be out of control, speak with your doctor.

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